Forward Erotic Momentum

F.ER.M. Sessions with Mxstress Reba
Kink | Fetish | BDSM
Non-Binary Professional Dominatrix | Erotic & Personal Development Coach | Sadistic Mind-Fucker Extraordinaire
Serving Denver & Boulder, Colorado

Welcome to Forward Erotic Momentum (F.ER.M.)!

Enjoy a F.ER.M. Kink, Fetish, & BDSM Sessions with me, Mxstress Reba, a creative and cruel Dominatrix ready to fulfill all of your wildest fantasies.

You may address me as Mxstress Reba, Mxstress, or My Liege.

I am a Non-binary Professional Dominatrix who floats along the gender spectrums (They/Them/Their & She/Her/Hers pronouns). I bring control and dominance to those in need of a commanding presence. I welcome submissives from all gender, sexual, and romantic varieties. I have been playing and educating professionally around Kink, Fetish, & BDSM for over a decade.

Forward Erotic Momentum (or F.ER.M.) Sessions with Mxstress Reba are customized creative play sessions to tickle your most devious, deep, and dark temptations. I am an experienced Professional Dominant who utilizes critical queer perspectives to break down and build up better every being that submits to me.

I am a passionate Dominant partner who knows the power of submission, the catharsis of masochism, and the relief of bondage. I meet my submissives where they are at and co-create a space where their deepest desires can be indulged. Allow me to bring my expertise into your imagination as we manifest your dreams together.